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The Foundress

Daniella Circelli

Venezuelan with Italian and Lebanese origins.

Lawyer by profession and dreamer by vocation.

she did her university studies in Venezuela where she spent her childhood, after completing them she decided to do a master's degree in Milan in international relations and economics.

She started at LVMH, especially at Acqua di Parma where she worked for almost 2 years, which allowed her to enter and develop in the skincare area and begin to get involved in the world of cosmetics.

In 2015, she decided to move to Madrid to build a more familiar home since her sister was studying in this city.



She began working on a lovely cosmetics project for a group of Middle Eastern women who wanted to make a line of cosmetics for a Spa and hotel chains.

The project was a great success, which led her to think about "what would happen if I created my own line of cosmetics" in which each line represents important moments in life.

That's how it all began, Affya is a puzzle made up of pieces that have been built thanks to travels, adventures and experiences for several years, which have made this why have an answer today.

Welcome to the world of Affya!