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Affya is in Town

Politics of the promotion Affya is in Town

Stock Limitado:

The stock of this promotion is limited, for which the possibility of acquiring it will be in a limited time. The company reserves the right to finish the promotion without previous notice.


Changes in the promotion:

The promotion is subject to changes without previous notice. These changes can be, the culmination of the promotion or the extension of the same one.


Validity time for the swap of the card:

The card acquired in this promotion, will have a validity of 6 months from the date of buy. Spent 6 months it will not be possible to exchange the amount of the card for any product.


Form of use of the card:

It will have to use the finished amount of the card in the realized buy. If the amount of the product or the chosen products is bigger than that of the card acquired in the promotion, he will be able to add the necessary additional amount for any of our forms of payment.